I want my work to make more people both aware of and interested in the food industry in order to initiate and shape innovation processes. I combine my knowledge from the fields of sustainability management and cultural studies with my passion for good food.

Nadja Flohr-Spence

Nadja Flohr-Spence is co-founder and managing director of the Berlin-based Sustainable Food Academy, a consulting agency for the food sector.

As an expert in cultural studies and sustainability as well as a passionate foodie, she has worked for many years on the main issues that surround the future of the food industry: What kind of trends will emerge regarding food consumption and pleasure? What is the new generation of value-oriented consumers really like? And how can companies in this industry prepare for social change processes like individualization, sustainability and new work?

Since graduating with a degree in Food Studies and Public Health from the University of Colorado in Denver, Nadja has focused on implementing sustainable food systems and reducing food waste. Throughout her career, she has run nationwide campaigns to raise consumer awareness on this issue and is now regarded as a food waste expert. In 2012, she launched the globally successful “disco soup” movement – an innovative consumer campaign for reducing food waste which has now been implemented in over 20 countries.

In her role as a food trend scout, she regularly goes on trend expeditions – most recently to California to sample the world’s first ‘bleeding’ veggie burger and chips made from insect flour.


Fields of Expertise

Going beyond the horizon of one’s own knowledge

  • Sustainable Food
  • Future of Food
  • Zero Waste
  • Next Food Economy