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Development potentials, assessments, expert knowledge: with our Industry Insiders, you can make the most of your opportunities for the future right now.


Helping you take the leap into a successful future:
the TRENDONE Innovation Springboard.

Future cannot be done alone. With TRENDONE, you will benefit from a closely linked network of experts. The aggregated expertise flows through our system of working – the TRENDONE Innovation Springboard – directly into your projects and gives you the momentum you need for genuine innovation.

The Trendone Innovation Springboard consists of three components that link up to offer you unique benefits. Our trend scouts work on your behalf to seek out the latest trends, new ideas and pioneering phenomena across all industries. TRENDONE pools and analyses all the information for you and matches it with the experience and trend knowledge acquired over 15 years of innovation work. Our Industry Insiders add to the data already collected in your projects with their far-reaching practical knowledge and visionary view across your industry.

This interaction between the latest trend data, specialist industry knowledge and wide-ranging innovation experience finally leads to what we work on every day: a real advantage for your company.

This is where the future lies: the TRENDONE Industry Insiders.

Benefit from the far-reaching knowledge of renowned pioneering thinkers, creative minds and passionate driving forces from a wide range of industries. They can offer you a first-hand insight into the most important challenges, structures, processes and players from the worlds of Finance, Materials, Mobility, Food, Retail, Health & Life Science and many more.

Our Industry Insiders assess the feasibility and influence of highly promising trends. They focus on disruptions and long-term changes in all industries – and interpret the universal trend phenomena for your business field.

How can the blockchain be successfully integrated into your supply chain? Can 3D printers lower your production costs? What influence does virtual reality have on marketing and sales processes? And how do your competitors use artificial intelligence to boost productivity? Whatever questions you may have: TRENDONE Industry Insiders have the answers.

So get to know the Industry Insiders personally! We can conduct workshops or trend studies for you and customize them to your company and needs. This is all done in the strictest confidence, of course, so that we can offer you expert knowledge even for the most sensitive topics.

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