The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow. (Robert Murdoch)

Roman Rittmann

Roman Rittmann is a hacker of the new generation. In fact, he is more of a hacker in the Silicon Valley sense than the European one. Together with other hackers, he set up the platform Hackevents which has become the world’s biggest search engine for hackathons and an important factor in establishing hackathons and the hacker culture.

This hacker culture is the basis for the success of Silicon Valley. At its core, it is always about reducing the complexity of software innovations with a focus on the following areas: an innovative architecture of hacker laws, hackers & data.

Hackerbay’s vision of enabling all companies to use this architecture in a digital setting with fewer risks also convinced investors from Silicon Valley.


  • Hacker Culture
  • Enabling Innovation
  • Hacker Transformation
  • Evolved Design Thinking
  • Innovation Environment
  • Innovation Flywheel
  • Innovation Sandbox
  • Silicon Valley Insights
  • Overcoming IT-Limitations
  • Smart Data
  • Innovation Architecture
  • Corporate Security
  • Cloud
  • Corporate Data Architecture
  • AI
  • ML
  • Hacker
  • Fighting IT Departments
  • Opportunity based Innovation
  • Issue Based Innovation
  • Corporate Limitations
  • Transformation
  • Transforming Data
  • Blockchain
  • Software Innovation